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Joy is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University in 1998 where she received her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. Throughout her career, Joy enjoyed working in outpatient settings where she mostly worked with orthopedics, vestibular, and neurologically involved patients.  She has countless hours of continuing education in orthopedics including but not limited to the Maitland Manual Therapy Techniques for the spine, peripherals, and sacroiliac dysfunction.  Joy received her women's health training through Hermann and Wallace which also included Hypopressive techniques taught by Tamara Rial. 

Joy received her pilates training through STOTT PILATES® Rehabilitation courses taught by Melanie Byford Young in Portland, OR, as well as the complete coursework and certification for Intensive Matwork and Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, and Barrels in Atlanta, GA. 
Joy’s enthusiasm in helping women with pelvic issues using led her to start her practice as the Pelvic Keeper.  Her clients encompass all ages and abilities, including moms who are challenged by injuries or disabilities. Her goal is to provide a place for healing and empower others to reach their full potential.  She is excited to show others how a comprehensive program for pelvic health can heal and strengthen their bodies and positively affect their daily lives.  

My interest in pelvic health began after having a baby and subtle changes began to happen in my body. I later 

 discovered that I had the  early stages of  organ prolapse.  Its the journey of my healing that I would like to be able to share along with the years of experience in my career as a physical therapist and a pilates instructor to be able to help others in their health journey. It is my passion to educate others in nurturing the body  to experience healing and gain strength, to be able to adapt and function in our own environment.   I share my experience with you because I waited a long time after having my baby before doing something about my condition that could have been prevented if there was awareness.   We have a long way to go to create this awareness and help others along the way.

I strive to deliver the best outcomes by continuing to grow as a practitioner as new research develop in the art of healing.



Joseph Hubertus Pilates, born in Germany in 1883, pioneered the exercise system during World War 1.  He opened a studio in New York next to a dance studio where his exercise system evolved and eventually spread worldwide.  His students, also known as the elders, who learned from Joe passed on the baton until it finally reached ordinary people like me.

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STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph  Pilates. This resulted in the inclusion of modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making it one of the safest and effective methods available.



Low Pressure Fitness

Tamara Rial is the creator and co-founder of Low Pressure Fitness which is an exercise training program based on hypopressive, myofascial & neurodynamic techniques.  Dr. Rial is a professor of pelvic floor rehabilitation and the author of several scientific articles and books about hypopressive exercise. She has also published numerous articles and videos about pelvic floor fitness, hypopressive exercise and women’s health. She is an internationally recognized speaker and has presented at conferences throughout Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Portugal and Spain. As an established researcher and practitioner, she continues to collaborate with colleagues at universities and health care settings to explore the effects of hypopressive exercise on health and wellbeing.

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Low Pressure Fitness / Hypopressive

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